Suitable printing method for Kraft paper bag?

Suitable printing method for Kraft paper bag?

Kraft paper is a eco-friendly material for a paper bag, no lamination, with twisted or flat paper handle, also more durable than white paper board and coated paper.

With offset printing, it will also create a different feeling, which with it's brown color will make a printing more nature feeling.

But pls notice, because the brown color of itself, if you wanna printing some CMYK pattern or, some light color on kraft paper, it will change the color, especially when the color is not so dark, if ink can not cover 100%, color change will be appear. 

So as usual, offset printing on kraft paper we suggest a dark color or single color on it, like black, brown, blue or red.

And yellow, pink, light green, light blue not suggested.

Beside offset, foil stamp is another good way to printing your logo in a smaller area, which appears to be shining, looks also very good like below:

If there are not too many words printing on paper bags, foil stamp is suggested, it's cheaper than CMYK printing, only need a stamp mold and foils.

But disadvantage is you can not pick un-standard color, and printing CMYK colors.

Below picture is foil stamp black logo.

Foil stamp gold logo.

Offset printing black back ground and foil stamp red and blue.